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Manufactured by hand in a clean room using gloves inside the CSF Cooling factory to ensure proper brazing and a clean surface for future welding; Multi-louvered high precision staggered fin design (for both Ambient and pressure sides of core) Batch brazed in CSF’s state-of-the-art digital vacuum brazing oven (12 ovens in total)

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Nov 09, 2017 · (ii)It is desired to use a double pipe counter flow heat exchanger to cool 3 kg/s of oil (Cp = 2.1 kJ/kgK) from 120°C. Cooling water at 20°C enters the heat exchanger at a rate of 10 kg/so The overall heat transfer coefficient of the heat exchanger is 600 W/m 2 Kand the heat transfer area is 6 m 2.Calculate the exit temperatures of oil and water.

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FLUIDYNE is a manufacturer of High Performance cooling products such as Radiators, Oil Coolers, Transmission Coolers, Power Steering Coolers, Intercoolers, Heat Exchangers and accessories.

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CTS B8/B8.5 Audi S4/S5 Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger (Intercooler) Upgrade for your supercharged 3.0T engine! Avoid heatsoak by replacing the small factory cooler; this is a must for any modified V6 supercharged S4/S5/Q5/SQ5 3.0TFSI. Keep your air temperature low with our premium AWIC upgrade kit. Strongly recommended to be used on stage 2 and up tuned Read More "CTS B8/B8.5 Audi S4/S5/Q5/SQ5 3 ...

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CSF BMW F80 / F82 / F83 M3 & M4 Front Mount Heat Exchanger #8075/8075R . The F80 / F82 / F83 M3 and M4 Front Mount Heat exchanger cools your stock or upgraded Air-to-Water Charge Air Cooler. This heat exchanger is a direct plug and play upgrade recommended for stock replacement, road racing and oversize

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CSF Auxiliary Heat Exchanger, Audi 8V A3/S3 8S TTS and Volkswagen MkVII Golf R. $499.00. Add to Wishlist. ... CSF Cooling high performance, race-grade, all-aluminum ...

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With the new CBF/CSF range in the lineup you are well prepared for operating pressures up to 90 bar. The CBF is the blow through version as the CSF is the draw-through variant. All coils are optimized for natural refrigerants like R744 (CO2) and R290 (Propane) and make it a perfect choice for cooling and freezing applications.

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A heat exchanger is a device in which energy is transferred from one fluid to another across a solid surface. Two important problems in heat exchanger analysis are (1) rating existing heat exchangers and (ii) sizing heat exchangers for a particular application.

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In S Class and CL Class Kits Heat exchanger is substituted for Killer Chiller. Additional information. Model: E55, CLS55, SL55, CL55, S55, G55. Related products. Sale ...

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The heat exchanger cools the coolant and has a water to oil cooler for the engine oil. A duct feeds air from the side pod through the heat exchanger. The floor is made of a marine-grade plywood with a laminated non-porous skin on both sides to make it oil resistant.

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CSF heat exchanger. 2-row 42mm core (dual core) featuring CSF’s exclusive B-tube technology; Core features an ultra-efficient fin with 6.5mm fin height and multi-louvered design for maximum surface area contact

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