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3. [4 points] A 5000 kg spacecraft is in a circular orbit with orbital radius 5390 km around Mars. How much work must the spacecraft engines perform to move the spacecraft to a circular orbit that has orbital radius 7390 km? Mass of Mars is kg. Solution: ANS. Tracey chang olivia
Mars exploration missions play an important role in future deep space exploration activities, and the number of countries and international If these sites are surrounded by hazards, the lander needs to be precisely delivered from the Mars entry point (defined as a radius of 3,522 km from the centre of...

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A satellite encircles Mars at a distance above its surface equal to 3 times the radius of Mars. The acceleration of gravity of the satellite, as compared to the acceleration of gravity on the surface of Mars, is A)Zero B)the same C)1/3 D)1/16

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To understand the gravity of Mars, its gravitational field strength g and gravitational potential U are often measured. Simply, if Mars is assumed to be a static perfectly spherical body of radius R M, provided that there is only one satellite revolving around Mars in a circular orbit and such gravitation interaction is the only force acting in the system, the equation would be,

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D. 2.4 104 s The moon Deimos orbits the planet Mars at an orbital radius of 2.34 107 m with an orbital period of 1.08 105s. What is the mass of Mars? A satellite orbits the Earth with a speed of 5.2 103 m/s. What is the satellite’s distance from the centre of the Earth?

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The distance to Mars varies from about 56 million kilometers (about 35 million miles) to 400 million kilometers (about 249 million miles). Why the difference? And why so close now?

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Sep 22, 2004 · Returning now to the spaceship in a Mars transfer orbit, its energy should be the same at the perigee P and the apogee A, so by equation (2) 1/2 m V 1 2 – km / r 1 = 1/2 m V 2 2 – km / r 2 Divide both sides by m ("cancel m") and multiply both sides by 2 V 1 2 – 2 k / r 1 = V 2 2 – 2 k / r 2

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48. If the earth has a mass nine times and radius twice that of the planet Mars, calculate the maximum speed required by a rocket to pull out of the gravitational force of Mars. Given escape speed on the surface of Earth is 11-2 kms.

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Dec 11, 2012 · mars m deimos /r 2=m deimos v 2/r Deimos is the mass moving in a circle M mars =v 2r/G Rearranging to solve for mass of mars M mars =(4 2r3)/(G T2) Substituting v=2 r/T M mars = 6.4 x 10 23 kg≈ 0.1 M earth Make sure to convert everything to SI units! 13. The free fall acceleration on the surface of Mars is 3.7 m/s/s. Determine the radius and the

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m m / / s s 2)2 = 1.5 × 1011 m = 1.5 × 108 km ADDITIONAL PRACTICE 1. The largest salami in the world, made in Norway, was more than 20 m long. If a hungry mouse ran around the salami’s circumference with a tangential speed of 0.17 m/s, the centripetal acceleration of the mouse was 0.29 m/s2.What was the radius of the salami? 2.

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10 7 × 1.276 | 1.272 m ±<1%: from equatorial | polar radius [Cow] 10 7 × 1.3 m +2%, ±<1%: 10 7 × 1.2 m-6%, ±<1%: 2 × 6E6, "twelve ee six meters" 10 7 × 1.4 m +10%, ±<1%: 7E7: 10 7 m-22%, ±<1%

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