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The queen will stop attacking periodically and charge an attack that can deal 500 damage to you and all nearby allies. To prevent this, use Korasi's Sword's special attack (costs 15% special attack energy). Depending on your levels, it is recommended to bring Rocktails, or Saradomin Brews (with a 2:1 ratio of Brews to Super Restores). Launching applications using custom browser protocols
Either Korasi or Jessika, from the Void series. Sure, one of them has to die, but the other survives as a result. ... Do you want to save it? 04-Oct-2016 18:20:36 ...

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This article, Korasi's sword (e), was created by Cherrys. Korasi's sword (e) is an enchanted version of the regular Korasi's sword. If you take it to Korasi or Jessika after obtaining 300 quest points, she will enchant it, increasing its bonuses and changing the special attack. Korasi's sword (e) has a special attack called Slaughter, which will entangle all enemies in a 3x3 square, and ...

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After 10 hours of combat, the dagger will fully degrade. The only way to repair it, is by paying Korasi or Jessika 2,000,000 coins or 150 pest control points. Special attack Edit. The Void dagger has a special attack called Fearsome Slash, which requires 100% adrenaline and it involves attacking the enemy with 4 quick attacks.

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Talk to Korasi in the HQ, and ask her about the events which led to the Void Knights' disappearance (although she'll be unable to recall, having lost her memories somehow). Fortunately, she'll still have some of the potion you used earlier to access Jessika's memories, so you'll need to drink some to enter Korasi's mind and recover her lost memories.

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Mar 07, 2011 · Korasi wasnt relased in 602, so no the animations isnt there. #3 . Char Char. Banned Join Date Oct 2010 Posts 1,731. Thanks given 56. Thanks received 97. Rep Power 0.

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Azi Demonica said: I still have that game on my N64. Good times, lava-surfing on a Koopa-shell was so fun. Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Bomberman 64, Jet Force Gemini, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, the Turok series, Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, and the various StarWars and other Rarewar games were my childhood.

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Jessika will still refuse to admit to anything, so the Void Knights will request that you enter Jessika's mind and sort through her memories by means of a potion they've prepared. Accept their proposal as a neutral third-party, and Commander Korasi, a Void Knight officer, will give you the potion (which triggers another cutscene). 8.

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After the unique pest conquest game, she or Jessika must be sacrificed to catalyse the summoning of the Pest Queen. Whichever one the player chooses to save will explode the foodgoo in order to close the Void Portal, while the other will die immediately at the hands of Wizard Grayzag.

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Korasi's Sword is bullshit ruined wilderness, You probably remembered 2007 wilderness as honour pking, where players would use whips and rune armour, maybe a torso and dragon legs. Maybe even a godswor, RuneScape 3 General, RuneScape 3 General, RuneScape Classic, RuneScape 3 Pictures, Videos and Progress Logs

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The most powerful non-degradeable 1h melee weapon in the game is Korasi's sword and Abyssal vine whip, with Korasi's being a little better due to its inate crit chance. Jessika's sword is the most powerful in the off hand, but that sword is far more tedious to get. The best alternative is Enhanced Excalibur which you can get from completing ...

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